filly colt for sale mylord carthago 2011
filly colt for sale mylord carthago 2011

The " De Vie " Breeding farm : Filly or Colt for sale by Mylord Carthago

filly colt for sale mylord carthago

Filly or colt for sale by Mylord Carthago

Filly or Colt for sale to born in spring 2012

Stallion / Father : MYLORD CARTHAGO

Dam / Broodmare : Kantate du syre by Qougloff rouge

We have for sale a colt or a filly to born next spring by the very famous and so nice grey stallion, member of the French team, MYLORD CARTHAGO. Colts and fillies of MYLORD CARTHAGO are very popular. We watch all weekends on television MYLORD CARTHAGO winning in all the wordl cup competitions tour. MYLORD CARTHAGO, grey and so nice stallion, is the best French horse at the moment. This filly or colt to come has, besides having a father " world star " of competitions of international show jumping, has a mother who belongs to the maternal line of selle français the most winning for the horse show : the maternal line " Ardent / Olga " family who produced among others " Melodie Ardente " gold medal in the méditéranneens games 2009 and gold medal in the asia games 2010 , " Gracieux Ardent " national champion , " Lord de theize " horse of the French team.... It will be a foal that will begin really well in life ! What is best by his father MYLORD CARTHAGO and also what is best by his maternal line !! Do not hesitate to contact us for all informations you wish to have about this filly or colt to come from MYLORD CARTHAGO that we sale.

filly colt for sale mylord carthago 2011 filly colt for sale mylord carthago 2011

You wish more informations about this foal to born in spring 2011 from MYLORD CARTHAGO, Click HERE !!


Quougloff Rouge
Kougloff II
Centaure du bois
Trompette Ardente
Grand Veneur
Amour du bois
Tanagra G
Red Star II

The origin of this colt or filly to come is simply exceptional for the horse show at the same time by his father but also by his mother. His father MYLORD CARTHAGO is one of the very best stallion in the world for show jumping at the moment and his maternal origin is one of the best in France for show jumping : the maternal line, IFRANE. The mother of the foal, KANTATE DU SYRE , belongs also to one of the better maternal origin of selle français stud book for show jumping, the " ARDENT / OLGA " family. From this fabulous maternal origin " ARDENT / OLGA " was born a lot of winners at very high level as in the World Cup, world championships, Olympics games. This foal mixes the 2 best maternals lines of selle français studbook for show jumping.


filly colt for sale mylord carthago 2011 filly colt for sale mylord carthago 2011

His father MYLORD CARTHAGO is very well knowed all over the show jumping world ! MYLORD CARTHAGO is the best stallion of selle français studbook at the moment with his extraordinary rider Pénélope Leprevost N°9 ranking rider in the world. MYLORD CARTHAGO wins a lot in the word cup tour. MYLORD CARTHAGO holds at the same time an outstanding strength and a strong handiness. The fillies and colts of MYLORD CARTHAGO are rare and looked for.


filly colt for sale mylord carthago 2011 filly colt for sale mylord carthago 2011

Kantate comes from the very famous selle français mother line lignée ARDENT

Kantate comes from the very famous selle français mother line ARDENT who has produced Nestor Ardent, idéal Ardent, Gracieux Ardent ...Gracieux Ardent is french national champion 2006 : our brood mare, Kantate, is directly her first cousin with all two the same father: Quouglof Rouge

Kantate also commes from the same family "ARDENT" as MELODIE ARDENTE gold medal in the Mediterranean gamess 2009 and one of the best French mare at present under the saddle of the international french rider, Simon Delestre. .

Kantate also commes from the same family "ARDENT" as MYRTILLE DU PAULOIS Fabulous MYRTILLE PAULOIS mare present on all the stages world cups at present with her Irish international rider jessica kuerten world ranking N°4.

Kantate also commes from the same family "ARDENT" as LORD DE THEIZE exceptional horse of very high level and in French team riden by Olivier Guillon on the world cup international tour. Lord de Thèze also wins in Grand Prix world cup or global champion tour.

The mother of Kantate du syre Trompette Ardente had produced many winners as her mother EUREKA ! and as her grand mother did also of course : Olga.

Kantate du syre had for the moment 4 horses : 

One female by Narcos II of 4 years old double clear round in french young horses final in Fontainebleau 2006 and already qualified in 5 years for Fontainebleau 2007: this first filly of Kantate is one of the best mares of her generation : the very best maternal origins never disappoint !

Her second foal by Narcos II is exported to the United States (in Alabama) for a private owner who has made a selection of the best selle français maternal origins but also has selected the best origins from all stud books from all over the world !!

Her third foal by Apache d'adriers is also exported to Ireland ( the best maternal origins of selle français are exported : who said that selle français horses have no quotation abroad !! ) to a owner who also looks for the best maternal origins in all stud books for show jumping at top level.

Her 4 th foal by Lamm de Fetan is also exported to USA in California this time.

Kantate was at 3 years old champion of normandy and she is also a top " elite " selle français mare now.

GRACIEUX ARDENT chevaux a vendre

MELODIE ARDENTE chevaux a vendre

MYRTILLE PAULOISchevaux a vendre

LORD DE THEIZEchevaux a vendre

  • The selle français maternal line : OLGA / ARDENT

    It is a maternal origin of exception if it is not the best of the selle français studbook.

    It always produced very regularly a huge number of horses winners for the very high international level with moreover 2 very striking peculiarities :

    A great deal of winners comes from this maternal family while the number of foals borned in this small breeding was very few : approximately 3 or 4 foals a year .Non only very few others families of selle français studbook managed to produce such a big number of winners but also they made it with double or triple of births. It is to say how reliable is this origin !

    Other peculiarity : this family built many winners with mares of her line but who produced them out of the ARDENT breeding farm itself. So, Arpege Pierreville, Dragonne rouge, Myrtille Paulois or still Mélodie Ardente and the many others were born in other breedings but come from mothers of the same origin : it is the proof that the quality is also passed on by the quality of the blood before the qualities connected to the breeding, to the breaking, to the training...

    The best horses from the Ardent familly :

    Gracieux Ardent HN CSI

    Mélodie Ardente CSI

    Arpège Pierreville HN CSI

    Dragonne Rouge CSI

    Donald Rouge CSI

    Idéal Ardent CSI

    Royal Ardent HN

    Ardente B CSI...

    Mélodie Ardente CSI...

    Lord de Theize CSI...

    Click below to have all the details thanks to an article of the french magazine " L'éperon " ( very famous sport horses magazine in France ) completely dedicated to this incredible origin.

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    Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish informations about our foal and so well born for the horse show. We will reply to you you with pleasure and very very quickly. Our address, email and phone number :

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