broodmare for sale selle français show jumping
broodmare for sale selle français show jumping

The "de vie" selle français horses breeding farm : Selle français mare for sale belonging to the very best selle français mother line for show jumping.

chevaux a vendre broodmare for sale selle français show jumping

Selle français brood mare for sale that belongs to the best selle français mother line and in foal with the french No. 1 stallion MYLORD CARTHAGO

Selle français mare for sale in foal with the stallion Mylord Carthago ( She is sold )

Stallion / Father : NARCOS II

Mare / Dam : Aurore de Thurin by STARTER

The " De Vie " selle français horses breeding farm offers for sale our mare "Quavala de Vie " by Narcos II in foal with a colt or a filly by Mylord Carthago to be born in may 2012."Quavala de vie" is her name and she is a young 100% selle français mare of 8 years who has lots of advantages : First "Quavala de Vie" has a pedigree that can be described as exceptional as her maternal line "Thurin" is one of the very best bloodlines of Selle Français stud book by the great number of winning horses at the highest level for jumping. It is often said that the maternal line "Thurin" is the very best of all to produce champions in show jumping. In addition to belonging to the best maternal line of selle français stud book, "Quavala de Vie" has as a father the great leader of selle français stallions, the top "Narcos II". "Narcos II" is no longer presented : International winner for France with the great rider "Eric Navet" and especially great "foundation" stallion producing a very large number of horses international winners. It is also narcos II with Quidam de Revel, the best father of mothers producing winners. "Quavala de Vie" has incredible origins by both her father and her maternal line "Thurin" which also is exceptional. Another advantage of the Quavala line is that it is 100% selle français and there is not a "drop" of foreign blood by her father or mother. In fact now all riders, breeders back in numbers to the selle français blood French 100% because the mix of selle français dams with foreign blood doesn't give very good horses. Another advantage in addition to the fact that she belongs to the best mother line of selle français for show jumping is that Quavala de Vie is a young mare of 8 years and she has a very good fecundity. Quavala de Vie has never missed a one year gestation : she has a great fertility as a broodmare with her young age. She has a potential of 10 foals minimum. Quavala de vie finally has also the advantage of being in foal with the incredible stallion selle français Mylord Carthago, horse No. 1 in France for show jumping and who won the "grand prix" fei rolex world tour at the Paris Show in 2011 and defending the colors of France in the next Olympic games London 2012. Quavala de Vie is a real "gem" for anyone who wants to acquire a base for breeding to produce top quality show jumping champions. Indeed, Qualava de Vie is a true breeding base thanks to its exceptional pedigree with her father and mother and 100% pure selle français, thanks to her high fertility, thanks to her youth and thanks to the fact that she is in foal with the number 1 selle français stallion Mylord Carthago.

broodmare for sale selle français show jumping broodmare for sale selle français show jumping broodmare for sale selle français show jumping broodmare for sale selle français show jumping broodmare for sale selle français show jumping broodmare for sale selle français show jumping

Need more information on our selle français mare by Narcos II in foal with Mylord Carthago, Click Here !


Fairplay III
La Citadelle
Ma pomme
 Il pleut bergère
Foudroyant II
Jus de Pomme
Jalousie de Thurin
Va y donc
Son Altesse

Quavala de Vie belongs to the so famous maternal family of selle français, the Thurin family. This THURIN family is simply incredible by the number of winners produced at very high level for the horse show.

Quavala de Vie's origins are"more that perfect " as brood mare to produce horses of very high level :

Quavala de Vie is born from the so famous maternal line THURIN. This very old and very competitive maternal origin of selle français produced and is still producing many winners at the french final for young horses (Fontainebleau) and on all the grounds of jumping everywhere in the world : Thurin, Le Prince de thurin, Reine de thurin, Ulysse de thurin...and still First du Launay, better French horse during years and years, but also Hasting, 7 th years Champion and who was a real machine to win Grand Prix during years also. Also from this incredible family Thurin: Galet d'auzay Champion of France but also Ionesco de breka 7 at European championship 2007. This mother line Thurin is really the best maternal of selle français studbook to produce the very best horses for showjumping at top level !!

- Quavala de vie directly comes from the origin Thurin : Certainly the best of selle français studbook. As you can see above, the great-grandmother of Quavala de Vie is directly KAVALA. That is the reason why we called her Quavala in homage to KAVALA !! Now, you will not find any more brood mares with the famous Kavala so close in the origins.

- Her maternal grandfather Starter Was for a very long time the n°1 fathers (stallions) of mothers producing the largest number of winners of which the fabulous Baloubet du rouet ( 4 times world champion and Olympic champion !! )

- Her father Narcos II is today the n°1 ( and of very very far ! ) of fathers of mothers producing winners' largest number

Everything harmonizes perfectly in the origins of Quavala to make an exceptional mother : father Narcos II + Grandfather Starter + Maternal origin Thurin


broodmare for sale selle français show jumping broodmare for sale selle français show jumping

His father Narcos II is a top Selle Français stallion famous all around the world ! Narcos II was in his lifetime one of the best stallion producer in the world for show jumping. Narcos II engendered a very impressive number of international winners and very numerous stallions. Narcos II is also the best father of mothers for the horse show jumping. Narcos II is what we call a " leader of race " of the studbook Selle Français.


broodmare for sale selle français show jumping

The THURIN maternal line

"Aurore de Thurin" by the great STARTER is the mother of "Quavala de Vie".The maternal line of "Aurore de Thurin" and of her daughter "Quavala De Vie" is an origin of exception if it is not the best of selle français.

It always produced ( and is still producing ) very regularly a huge number of winners at the french final for young horses ( Fontainebleau ) up to the horses of exception for the very high international level with , in addition, these 2 very striking peculiarities :

1 / great deal of winners went out of this maternal family while the born number in this small breeding was average : approximately 3 or 4 foals a year .Non only very few other families of selle français stud book managed to produce such a large number of winners but also they made it with the double or triple of births a year. It is to say the very high reliability of this origin.

2 / This family produced many winners with mothers who produced them out of the breeding THURIN itself. So First de launay, Hastings, Ionesco de brekka, baladine du mesnil, loops de batilly, quartz du chanu, but also all the horses coming from breedings kreisker, brekka, of helby are born from mothers of the same origin Thurin / kavala : it proofs that the quality is also passed on especially by the quality of the blood before the qualities connected to the breeding, to the breaking, to the training...

The best horses of the Thurin line :

First du Launay CSI

Hasting CSI

Ionesco de Brekka CSI

Ulysse de Thurin CSI

Thurin HN CSI

Le Prince de Thurin HN

Reine de Thurin HN CSI...

Quartz du chanu CSI...

To note that "Galet d'auzay" ,member of the French team and also champion of France, is a son of "Leprince of Thurin" also of the origin Thurin by the father this time.

First de Launay cheval a vendre

Galet d'auzay chevaux a vendre

Ionesco de breka chevaux a vendre

Click below to have all the details thanks to an article of the french magazine " L'éperon " ( very famous magazine in France ) completely dedicated to this incredible origin.

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Do not hesitate to contatc us if you wish all the details about our young brood mare , with high fecundity, 100 % selle français with the best maternal line for show jumping and in foal with Mylord Carthago the number 1 horse in france at the moment for show jumping. It will be a great pleasure to answer to your question in a very short time. To contact :

Jean-Christophe BESSON
Le bourg 
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