csi leipzig 2013 germany horse show jumping world cup fei results videos
csi leipzig 2013 germany horse show jumping world cup fei results videos

" De Vie " selle français breeding stud in France : csi leipzig 2013 germany horse show jumping world cup fei results videos

csi leipzig 2013 germany horse show jumping world cup fei results videos

csi leipzig 2013 germany horse show jumping world cup fei results videos

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csi leipzig 2013 germany horse show jumping world cup fei results videos

The leipzig csi 2013 in Germany, international shox jumping CSI stage cut of Leipzig rolex FEI is this weekend ! It is of advantage for the international top level jumping 2013 season and this is the city of leipzig in Germany which reopens hostilities. The witnesses between riders and horses raged for obstenir his ticket to the final of the World Cup fei indoor 2013 which will take place in April. If the qualification is already reached for riders like kevin staut or sergio alvarez moya, nothing is still acqui for riders like penelope leprevost or even roger yves bost was missing even a few points to win to compete in the final of the indoor World Cup fei jumping 2013. French side will just present in Leipzig riders Penelope Leprevost accompanied by his extraordinary grey stallion French national stud seel, Mylord Carthago and roger yves bost taking him as a Japanese of her mount. Blueberry ages Paul top mount roger yves bost is left to rest after these extraordinary accomplishments in Basle the previous weekend and end weeks of before. Simon delestre will be there also even though for him the qualification can no longer consider too. This also the best French rider for many years now, kevin staut.

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the following list of riders committed to the csi leipzig 2013 World Cup cso Germany as well as the list of cso horses committed to the leipzig 2013 cso Germany stage World Cup csi rolex FEI World Cup

CSI-W/CAI-W/CVI-W/CSN Leipzig 2013 Entries Showjumping CSI-W 16.01.2013 13:00:54 AUS Australia TOPS-ALEXANDER, Edwina 211 Ego Van Orti, 573 Guccio, 463 Vienna Olympic BEL Belgium PHILIPPAERTS, Ludo 124 Challenge V. Begijnakker, 205 Denver van T Goemanshof, 570 Forever D Arco Ter Linden, 471 Zilverstar T PHILIPPAERTS, Nicola 565 Cortez, 569 Fons van T Geyzeven, 584 Rochet de la Vaulx, 595 Vadetta V. Mettenhof PHILIPPAERTS, Olivier 551 Baileys-Bh, 554 Cabrio van de Heffinck, 559 Chamonix H, 582 Rebel de Boilly BRA Brazil DEN Denmark PEDERSEN, Sören 590 Tailormade Esperanza de Rebel, 591 Tailormade Quinnus, 592 Tailormade Ussuri ESP Spain ALVAREZ MOYA, Sergio 586 Sirius, 598 Wisconsin, 546 Zipper AÑON, Manuel 44 Baldo DS, 568 Fantasia, 393 Rackel Chavannaise FRA France BOST, Roger Yves 101 Castle forbes cosma, 102 Castle Forbes Vivaldo van het, 354 Nippon d'Elle DELESTRE, Simon 579 Qlassic Bois Margot, 596 Valentino Velvet, 597 Whisper LEPREVOST, Pénélope 614 Mylord Carthago*HN, 615 Nice Stephanie, 383 Quelmec du Gery STAUT, Kevin 136 Cheyenne 111 Z H D C, 217 Estoy Aqui de Muze H D C, 630 For Joy van'T Zorgvliet Hdc, 616 Ode Des Roches, 583 Requin de Landette, 617 Reveur de Hurtebise H D C, 631 Silvana Hdc GBR Great Britain SMITH, Robert 618 Balourado, 619 Bavi, 629 Vigo, 622 Voila WHITAKER, Robert 107 Catwalk IV, 454 USA Today, 467 Waterstone WILLIAMS, Guy 55 Bijou van de Vijfheide, 206 Depardieu van't Kiezelhof, 445 Titus II GER Germany AHLMANN, Christian 538 Asca Z, 541 Cilian, 539 Codex One, 537 Lorena, 540 Taloubet Z BEERBAUM, Ludger 495 Chaman, 494 Chiara, 496 Zinedine BERGER, Sabrina 1 Abadasch, 97 Cassano, 135 Chester L DIEDERICHSMEIER, Mylene 545 Hof Asgard's Farina DIEDERICHSMEIER, Mynou 176 Cordi, 201 Danthes H, 246 Goldstar, 385 Quick Silver, 456 Vanquish DREHER, Hans-Dieter 556 Canberra R, 85 Carol As, 155 Colore, 335 Magnus Romeo, 417 Sanne R ECKERMANN, Katrin 84 Carlson, 145 Cilly, 202 Darco's Darwin, 229 Firth of Lorne, 344 Nabab de Revel, 356 Olivia la Sweet EHNING, Johannes 28 Appearance, 103 Casual, 111 Cayenne, 388 Quintana Roo EHNING, Marcus 69 Campbel, 178 Cornado NRW, 242 Funky Fred, 371 Plot Blue FREHE-SIERMANN, Marten 485 Anthony HAßMANN, Felix 112 Cayles, 137 Chicca, 253 Horse Gym's Balzaci, 254 Horse Gym's Kira, 255 Horse Gym's Lianos, 256 Horse Gym's Nabuco, 428 SL Brazonado HETZEL, Holger 133 Cheer, 244 Gertje vh Scheefkasteel, 316 Little Tinka, 372 Polly Pocket KÖHLBRANDT, Torben 129 Charlotte, 156 Con Climax, 426 Skala KÖLZ, Michael 523 Cincinetti, 522 FST Dipylon, 524 Nazario, 525 Quaddro KÜHNER, Max 150 Clintop, 152 Coeur de Lion, 179 Cornet Kalua, 180 Cornetta KUTSCHER, Marco 497 Cash, 499 Clarius, 501 Cornet's Cristallo, 500 Rahmannshof's Baluga, 498 Spartacus LEICHLE, Mike Patrick 148 Clausewitz N, 408 RPM Canturado, 409 RPM Coquin Chandial, 425 Sixtus LÜNEBURG, Jule 484 Alcassina LÜNEBURG, Rasmus 153 Cointreau, 387 Quintana MICHAELS-BEERBAUM, Meredith 552 Bella Donna 66, 593 Unbelievable MÖLLER, Jörg 65 Cabalou, 231 Fit for Fun M, 237 For Felicila, 355 Niro, 416 Sandro Queen NAEVE, Jörg 66 Calado, 168 Cony, 187 Cosimax, 263 JK Horsetrucks Commanchi NAGEL, Carsten-Otto 113 Cazaro, 185 Corradina, 309 Lex Lugar, 382 Queen Windsor, 389 Quintess, 469 Wisall NIEBERG, Lars 519 Balounito, 518 Casallora, 516 Chin Chieno, 520 Leonie W., 517 Lisabo, 515 Pepe Heguy RIESKAMP-GOEDEKING, Tim 12 Alida, 53 Be Happy, 142 Chopin, 272 La Scala, 291 Lautermann, 377 Quapitola de Beaufour, 378 Quartz, 407 Royale's son RÜDER, Hans-Thorben 543 Cabosse, 542 El Bond, 544 Orlanda STEVENS, Mario 477 Cleaveland, 475 Corlanda OLD, 472 Little Pezi, 474 Luis, 473 Quamina, 476 Que Pasa STROMAN, Amke 115 Celentano, 123 Chalano D, 183 Corofino, 235 Fly High, 236 Flying Flop, 238 For Flying, 267 Karaco, 325 Lucchini, 327 Lucie H, 349 New York, 353 Nikidam du Chateau, 430 Spiderman, 435 Sundance STÜHLMEYER, Patrick 74 Canturado, 81 Caribik, 131 Chasmo, 243 Georgia, 273 Lacan, 321 Lord Lohengrin, 390 Quintos, 420 Savage TEBBEL, Rene 89 Casa Ciara, 171 Cooper, 312 Light On OLD, 359 Pacolino WEISHAUPT, Philipp 510 Akteur, 507 Al Ayar, 509 Ba Belle van't Roosakker, 502 Caresse, 513 Chico, 511 Coletto, 512 Cordess, 503 For Sale, 504 Leoville, 506 Luce del Castegno, 505 Lucie, 514 Souvenir, 508 Urmel WITTENBERG, Thorsten 162 Connaught, 375 Qrispy d'ive Z WULSCHNER, Holger 51 Barnebee, 77 Caprice de Dieu, 109 Cavity G, 121 Cha Cha Cha G, 197 Csarano D'Argilla Z, 227 Fine Lady HKG Hong Kong LEUNG, Raena 314 Limbutina, 358 Orphee du Granit IRL Ireland LYNCH, Denis 2 Abbervail van het Dingeshof, 14 All Star 5, 172 Copabella Vegas, 286 Lantinus ITA Italy MONETA, Luca Maria 163 Connery, 261 Jeilo' del Beiro, 262 Jesus de la Commune, 348 Neptune Brecourt NED Netherlands HOUTZAGER, Marc 632 Appy Cara, 249 Sterrehof's Tamino, 433 Sterrehof's Uppity, 633 Within Temptation SCHRÖDER, Gerco London, 453 Urban Hero, 220 Vicky Gold VLEUTEN, Maikel van der 626 Kisby, 628 Vdl Groep Aristo Z, 458 VDL Groep Verdi NOR Norway GULLIKSEN, Geir 566 Dorada, 567 Edesa S Banjan, 574 L'Espoir GULLIKSEN, Victoria 623 Billy Buttercup, 627 Urval POR Portugal DINIZ, Luciana 230 Fit For Fun 13, 274 Lacontino, 108 Winningmood SUI Switzerland GUERDAT, Steve 87 Carpalo, 140 Chips, 423 Sidney VIII LIEBHERR, Christina 295 L.B. Callas Sitte Z, 296 L.B. Carwyn, 297 L.B. Con Grazia CH MÄNDLI, Beat 68 Callisto, 367 Pezi, 452 Una Traviatta SCHWIZER, Pius 564 Coolgirl, 572 Graciella, 580 Querido II, 599 Z Amelusina SWE Sweden BARYARD-JOHNSSON, Malin 49 Baltimore 1178, 5 H&M Actrice W, 252 H&M Tornesch 1042 BENGTSSON, Rolf-Göran 88 Carusso LS La Silla, 110 Cayado 3, 146 Clarimo, 174 Corcega La Silla ECKERMANN, Henrik von 247 Gotha FRH, 275 Lady Capitol, 447 Toulouse 66 FREDRICSON, Jens 555 Camerone, 576 Lunatic, 578 Notchino

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THE World Cup is his TRIPLE back 2013 to Leipzig 2013-01-16 Christian Alhmann and Taloubet winners Grand Prix Leipzig 2012 Z. Credit Feides tomorrow, the World Cup is step in Leipzig, Germany. There are for everyone, since three disciplines come together in the same location for this great event: jumping, hitch and aerobatics. To three months in the Gothenburg final, this step is an opportunity for the largest of the CSO to add points to the counters. Winners last year, Christian Alhmann, the current first world, and his Z Taloubet, provide in their title competition. The show promises to be provided with the presence of Luciana Diniz, the winner of the Grand Prix last weekend in Basel. In addition, Swedish Henrik von Eckermann and her gelding Gotha FR, who won the last stage of the the World Cup in Mechelen in last December, will also be at the Rendez-vous. The German delegation also benefits from this step on its land to represent its color. With more than 30 runners, the Germany can rely on Ludger Beerbaum, the brothers Johannes and Marcus Ehning, the great Meredith Michaels Beerbaum, not to mention Hans Dieter Dreher. The latter proved was particularly shaped these days, especially when the three speed events in Basel. The Olympic champion Steve Guerdat is also with fellow Pius Schwizer. Sergio Alvarez Moya, leader of the World Cup circuit, as well as the former world number one fallen Rolf Goran Bengston are also present this weekend. On the light side, Kevin Staut and his faithful Silvana ** HDC will go on the track, followed by Penelope Leprevost and his Stallion of Haras National Mylord Carthago ** HN. Second in the Grand Prix of Basel, Roger - Yves Bost responded to the German invitation with Castle Forbes Cosma and Nippon D'elle. Simon Delestre and his promising Qlassic wood Margot will also have their word to say. In two weeks of final Bordeaux, the competition intensifies for the leaders. Leipzig is the last chance for teams to qualify to take part in the ultimate test, beginning February. The Dutch driver, IJsbrand Chardon, unhappy after his incident in Mechelen, intends to take his revenge against his compatriot Koos de Ronde, who won the stage. The team of the Swedish Thomas Eriksson, as well as Switzerland Werner Ulrich, winner in Stockholm in December, participate in this equestrian venue earlier this year.As early as Friday, the best voltigeurs took possession of the great Leipzig Messe hall. Among them, the two winners of the Paris stage will continue the figures: the Dutch Carola Sneekes, as well as the French Nicolas Andreani who had conquered the lounge of the Parisian horse in last December. The Italian Anna Cavallaro, the German Thomas Brusewitz, the Swiss Simone Jaiser and Lukas Heppler take part in the event also. Time tightens for these athletes who will soon be competing their final in less than two months, and again on the German territory, Braunshweig.

resultats csi leipzig 2013 coupe du monde cso allemagne

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