csi verone coupe du monde fei rolex
csi verone coupe du monde fei rolex

Elevage de vie : csi verone coupe du monde fei rolex
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csi verone coupe du monde fei rolex

csi verone coupe du monde fei rolex


csi verone coupe du monde fei rolex

après la tournée en europe du nord à helsinki , puis en france à equita lyon, le circuit coupe du monde fei rolex, se déplace ce week end a vérone en italie dans le cadre de la FieraCavalli pour que les meilleurs cavaliers au monde se rencontre une nouvelle fois dans des épreuves indoor de top niveau comme toujours en coupe du monde fei rolex. Nos meilleurs cavaliers français suivent cette caravane de jumping international et seront donc présents au jumping international de verone, kevin staut avec Nangaye de Kerganne, Zeta de Hus, Zz-top vh Schaarbroek z, simon delestre avec Napoli du Ry, Valentino Velvet, Whisper, michel robert avec Kaloe des Perrieres, Kellemoi de Pepita, Nenuphar Jac et roger yves bost avec Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois, Castle Forbes Vivaldo van het Costersvel, Nippon d'Elle. A noter au sujet de roger yves bost qu'il vient de récupérer le dernier cheval de grand prix international, cosma, confiée par l'irlandaise georgina castle forbes. Après la très bonne myrtille paulois et vivaldo , c'est donc cosma que montera roger yves bost. Costa ne sera pas présente encore à cette étape coupe du monde fei rolex cup de verone.

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voici la liste des cavalières, des cavaliers et des chevaux qui sont engagés sur cette étape coupe du monde fei rolex à verone

CONTACTSHOTELTICKETSport Rolex FEI World Cup History Hall of fame Jumping Verona FEI World Cup in Italy Jumping Verona history Italian leg hall of fame Schedule FEI Schedule Entries Starting list and Results LIVE Info Getting to JV Parking Hotels Tickets Contacts Corporate Information Sponsorship VIP Boxes VIP Lounge Box Visibility Area Media Press Accreditation News Flash News Photogallery FEI Press Kit TV Italy Foreign Rolex FEI World Cup Between 1978 and today, the FEI World Cup™ has conquered the World. Passion, excitement and suspense are synonymous with the FEI World Cup™ series which began with Jumping in 1978, and was then extended to Dressage in 1985, Driving in 2001 and Eventing in 2003. The FEI World Cup was set up with the 1978/79 indoor season thanks to the insight of Max Amman, a Swiss journalist considered by sector specialists to be an authentic "guru", and the impetus of the International Riders Association. Thanks to it, the International Equestrian Federation found the keystone at just the right time to drag the horse competition from the pond of sector experts to the ocean of the public at large. The world of equitation - somehow always labelled as rather snob, rather 'retro' and rather 'off limits' as regards the sporting panorama in general - needed a competition formula that, in the wake of highly successful events in other disciplines (skiing, Formula 1, tennis), could ensure a loyal following of enthusiasts, expand interest beyond the mere scope of competitors and harmonise technical content by formalising a circuit embracing events of major technical and spectacular status. It helped riders - who normally did not compete in the Winter (show jumping was traditionally an open-air sport requiring a great deal of space) - as well as sponsors, who sought new investment opportunities in this sport. It simultaneously encouraged closer links between realities and continents normally unwilling to widen their comparison horizons and the exchanges fundamental for breeding improvement. The World Cup took equitation from the large open-air arenas to Sports Centres, from natural grass fields to courses with sand and synthetic materials. Techniques also had to keep pace with developments: shorter courses, narrower fences, lighter barriers, ditches and mobile 'rivieras'. Horses had to achieve greater elasticity, compression, speed and training. Riders had to accept new approaches to management and resources. The World Cup marked a major change and the leading international equitation sites did everything in their power to be among the first involved in the circuit. The countries generally considered as the “major powers” in world show jumping all took up the challenge: France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland and Holland immediately stepped forwards as candidates to host the Western Europe "League" that since in 2007/08, together with the final, is named the Rolex FEI World Cup™. The United States, Canada, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil simultaneously formulated their own response to the Old Continent. This challenge was later taken up by other countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and even the southern hemisphere. The International Equestrian Federation thereby celebrated thirty years of the FEI World Cup™ by joining forces with Rolex, the prestigious company in the wristwatch sector now the sponsor of the European League and the final. The leading names in international equitation respond every year from five continents: the Leagues (currently fourteen) qualify only the best 'pairs' for the highly-awaited final. This appointment is very important in the world panorama and from the outset confirmed the new-born concept's capacity to capture the interest of wider audiences and huge enthusiasm among direct spectators. In 2010, for the first time, the final was held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 14 to 18 April. Once again this season the Western European circuit begins in Oslo in Norway and takes in 13 qualifying events before the final which will be staged ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Ned) from 18-22 April 2012. As regards the winners of the 32 finals so far disputed, American and German riders stand out in the roll of honour respectively with seven and eight victories. The last US victory, however, goes way back to 1987 with Katharine Burdsall. Yet US riders are in any case always among the most eagerly awaited: they are always among the most feared favourites. German riders, on the other hand, have dominated the scene in the third millennium. The number one lady rider in the world, Meredith Michaels Beerbaum, boasts three victories, of which two consecutive (2005, 2008 and 2009), on a par with Marcus Ehning (2003, 2006 and 2010). Germany's Christian Ahlmann claimed the Rolex FEI World Cup™ Jumping 2011 title on his home ground in Leipzig with his stallion, Taloubet Z. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- History Hall of fame Jumping Verona History Jumping Verona – official stage of the Rolex FEI World Cup, celebrates in 2010 its ten years in Verona. Since 2001, the combination of the high level show jumping and Fieracavalli has worked really well. Verona represents the only Italian leg of this famous and selective international circuit which appeals to the most important horses and riders in the world. At the FEI World Cup pilot edition in the year 2001, one experienced the overwhelming power of Belgium. In the first three places qualify Stanny Van Paesschen (O De Pomme), Jos Lansink (Cordijana Z), winner of the Finals in 1994, and Gilbert De Rook (Neron De La Tourelle). After a very exciting jump-off between five competitors, in just double-clear rounds, the fastest one being Van Paesschen’s. The 2002 edition registered the victory of Rodrigo Pessoa on Lianos, his partner during the competition and the victory at the WEG Rome adventure in 1998. Rodrigo, three times winner in the World Cup, surprised everyone on his very fast double-clear. A very special podium was the one in 2002: the winners of the World Cup 2000/01 and 2002/03 gain the second and third position at less than a tenth of second from the Brazilian world beater champion. These are respectively the Swiss Markus Fuchs on his Tinka’s Boy, and the German Marcus Ehning, on For Pleasure. In 2003 Germany won, thanks to the entire German pair Lars Nieberg/Loreana. During the hard jump-off, there were only three clear rounds: the German, the French, Reynald Angot (Dollar del la Pierre), and the Belgian, Jos Lansink (AK Caridor Z), all finish the round onout penalty, but the fastest was Nieberg, who finally wins the FEI World Cup in his third year in Verona. In 2004, over a very technical circuit but without any tricks, according to the riders, the German rider Toni Hassmann riding Lolita H won the competition. For this young rider, class ’75, this victory represented the best conclusion of a carrier started in 2002 in Verona when he won the test for the qualifications, and continued in 2003 still in Verona, when he won the Small Grand Prix. In 2005 the final was tough. Among the forty competitors who qualify, only ten could get through the track created by the chef de piste Giovanni Bussu. The jump-off sees just five riders couples running a clear round again, Juan Carlos Garcia on Albin III was one of them. On Albin well fit and reluctant to let down his supporters’ expectations, Juan Carlos gives its best, but is overrun at last in the Grand Prix by the Dutch Albert Zoer, who won for a handful of hundredths on his horse Oki Doki. In 2006 the Netherlands won again placing first and second post two Dutch, Gerco Schroeder (Eurocommerce Milano) and Leopold Van Asten (Vdl Groep Fleche Rouge). Amongst the starting 40 competitors, there were only 10 clear rounds, and 3 of these were Italian. Together with Jonella Ligresti, who qualified 4th behind the German champion Meredith Michaels Beerbaum, the Italian Pergiorgio Bucci on Da Zara Tabluetin, and the well-known Giorgio Nuti on Jeff du Boele (10th position). In 2007 Albert Zoer, who just two years earlier had established in Verona his first stage as a top rider, repeated the success obtained in 2005, always on his faithful Oki Doki. A place of honour goes to the German Marco Kutscher, European Champion in 2005 on the young grey Cornet Obolensky. The best Italian was Giulia Martinengo (Athletica), in ninth position. In the 2008, in the Grand Prix where just three riders gained access in the jump-off, Germany was in the limelight on Alois Pollmann (Lord Luis), doing the only clear-double round of the competition. Second arrived the Swiss Steve Guerdat and third Omar Bonomelli for Italy, who had kept the public on bated breath until his mistake made on the last fence. In 2009 the British rider Michael Whitaker and his horse Insul Tech Amai, delivered a brilliant performance over two rounds, full of tricks designed by the US course designer Conrad Homfeld. Along on the second classified, the German Gilbert Bockmann on No Father's Girl, was the only one among 38 riders to complete the round and the jump-off without any penalty. But at the second round, the British rider, in front of a public of 4 thousand spectators, confirmed to be a brilliant rider in speed, setting a time record of 37,49. The third place went to the young French Kevin Statut on Silvana. The best Italian result had the signature of Natale Chiaudani, at the fifth place, on SNAI Seldana di Campalto. The competition in the year 2010 celebrated its tenth anniversary. The ten candles on the cake were blown out by the winner of the Grand Prix, Jeroen Dubbeldam, at the end of a truly memorable day of sport in a ring characterised as ever by crowded grandstands. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FEI World Cup in Italy Jumping Verona history Italian leg hall of fame Schedule Jumping Verona International Horse Show ROLEX FEI World Cup™ 3 - 6 November 2011 Thursday 3rd 17:00 WARM – UP Friday 4th 13:45 CLASS No. 1 – Prestige Italia Against the clock (h. 1,45 mt.) - € 23.000,00 Competition counting towards the Rolex Rankings 15:45 CLASS N. 2 - Kep Italia Against the clock (h. 1,50 mt.) - € 30.000,00 Qualifier for Class No.8, the Grand Prix (Rolex Fei World Cup ™). 18:10 CLASS No.3 –Antonio Carraro Mixed Competition (h. 1,50 mt.) - € 50.000,00 Competition counting towards the Rolex Rankings Saturday 5th 11:00 CLASS No. 4 – Kep Italia Against the clock (h. 1,45 mt.) - € 23.000,00 Competition counting towards the Rolex Rankings 14:30 CLASS No. 5 - SNAI Small Grand Prix Against the clock (h. 1,50 mt.) - € 50.000,00 Competition counting towards the Rolex Rankings 17:30 CLASS No. 6 – Fondiaria Sai Accumulator comp. with joker (h. 1,50 mt.) - € 25.000,00 Competition counting towards the Rolex Rankings Sunday 6th 11:00 CLASS No. 7 – Ente Fiera Isola della Scala Competition in two phases (h. 1,45 mt.) - € 25.000,00 Competition counting towards the Rolex Rankings 14:30 CLASS No. 8 - Gran Prix ROLEX FEI World Cup™ presented by Fieracavalli (h. 1,60 mt.) - € 150.000,00 Competition counting towards the Rolex Rankings DOWNLOAD FILE - Official Programme - Timetable -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FEI Schedule -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download File FEI Schedule Appendix to Jumping Schedule -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Entries The entries are up to date 1st November 2011 AUS Australia ALEXANDER, Edwina Ciske van Overis, Cp Aprilla, Mel d'Argences AUT Austria EDER, Stefan Chilli van Dijk, Concordija BEL Belgium DEMEERSMAN, Dirk Bufero vh Panishof, Cicero Z van Paemel, Daimonds Billy CAN Canada LAMAZE, Eric Hickstead, Sidoline van de Centaur, Wang Chung M2s ESP Spain ALVAREZ MOYA, Sergio Abab van het Molenhof, Sirius, Wisconsin CORDON, Pilar Lucrecia Dinky Toy, Nuage Bleu, Surefire MARTINEZ DE IRUJO, Cayetano Allround, Ba Belle, Sothebys Pc de Ganex FIN Finland FAGERSTROM, Nina Mouse, Talent, Viva FRA France BOST, Roger Yves Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois, Castle Forbes Vivaldo van het Costersvel, Nippon d'Elle DELESTRE, Simon Napoli du Ry, Valentino Velvet, Whisper ROBERT, Michel Kaloe des Perrieres, Kellemoi de Pepita, Nenuphar Jac STAUT, Kevin Nangaye de Kerganne, Zeta de Hus, Zz-top vh Schaarbroek z GBR Great Britain MAHER, Ben Toklund, Tripple XIII, Voske WHITAKER, Michael Mr Darcy V, Viking, Wild Rose II GER Germany AHLMANN, Christian Firth of Clyde, Lorenzo, Asca Z DREHER, Hans-Dieter Constantin B, Embassy II, Magnus Romeo KUTSCHER, Marco Allerdings, Cash, Cornet Obolensky MICHAELS-BEERBAUM, Meredith Bella Donna 66, Cantano, Checkmate WEISHAUPT, Philipp Akteur, Monte Bellini, Souvenir IRL Ireland LYNCH, Denis Abbervail van het Dingeshof, Lord Luis, Twister S MCAULEY, Mark Loriot, Par Trois TALBOT, Niall Eurocommerce Toulouse, Nicos de la Cense, Wido ITA Italy BROTTO, Fabio Master Erg delle Roane, New Zealand delle Roane, Quattrina R CAPPONI, Francesca Stallone, V.Alba R CHIAUDANI, Natale Almero 12, SNAI Corradio-O.H., SNAI Gratina CH COATA, Simone Coreggio 3, Mirage de Levaux, Whycoconah Ter Linden CRISTOFOLETTI, Roberto Amico Mio, Bukowskis Belisario, Daddy Cool GARCIA, Juan Carlos Acantus Della Caccia, Bonzai van de Warande, Paulin GAUDIANO, Emanuele Chicago 84, Cocoshynsky, Dassino LIGRESTI, Jonella Crazy Angel, Quick Nick, Urcolando MARTINENGO MARQUET, Giulia Freddie Star II, Loro Piana Chiclana 4, Pop Lady d'Elle MARZIANI, Luca Caribo z, Wivina MONETA, Luca Maria Connery, Jesus de la Commune, Neptune Brecourt VIZZINI, Lucia Lismeen Lancer, Loro Piana Quinta Roo ZORZI, Alberto Carlotta, Maestro de Tivoli NED Netherlands DUBBELDAM, Jeroen BMC Quality Time TN, BMC Up and Down, BMC Zenith Sfn SCHRÖDER, Gerco Eurocommerce Callahan, Eurocommerce London, Eurocommerce New Orleans NOR Norway DJUPVIK, Morten Bessemeind's Casino, U-Goldflower, Valle Blanche POR Portugal DINIZ, Luciana Calvie, Lacontino, Winningmood SUI Switzerland GUERDAT, Steve Come On Girl, Nino Des Buissonnets, Tresor LIEBHERR, Christina L.B. Callas Sitte Z, L.B. Casanova, L.B. Robin Hood MÄNDLI, Beat Colore, Louis, Webster MUFF, Werner Kiamon, Osiris du Goyen, Unik Gs SWE Sweden BENGTSSON, Rolf-Göran Carusso LS La Silla, Kiara La Silla, Quintero La Silla ECKERMANN, Henrik von Coupe de Coeur, Cristallo 7, Quibell 5

csi verone coupe du monde fei rolex

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