filly for sale foal mylord carthago
filly for sale foal mylord carthago

Elevage de vie : filly for sale foal mylord carthago The " De Vie " breeding farm

filly for sale foal mylord carthago

filly for sale foal mylord carthago


Here are some pictures of our mylord carthago gray filly for sale. "belle mylord de vie", she is called, is one of the few fillies of mylord carthago for sale and even more rare that our mylord carthago filly will be gray. Indeed, everyone says it's very rare that mmylord carthago marks his colts and filly with a pretty gray dress. Our mylord carthago filly for sale, in addition to being gray dress is a lovely filly, both because it has a very pretty head over very fine and distinguished with a beautiful conformation is in good shape a " real square" as they say, the vertical limbs in place, a strong back, a beautiful outlet neck. A real nice gray filly that our mylord carthago that we sell ! in addition to her beautiful look very beautiful horse, this filly is a real pussy when she moves it either trot or galpop a lot of bounce, a lot of elasticity, balance and a lot of blood for our very distinguished mylord carthago filly for sale. In addition to having a very nice look, very nice gaits full flexibility, elasticity and flexibility, "belle mylord de vie" has a pedigree of champions for show jumping. Indeed, his father the famous stallion mylord carthago horse in France for jumping. mylord carthago, with her beautiful rider penelope Leprevost, is a great stallion chained like a real "clear rounds machine" at very high level of competition as the European Championships, the Nations Cup, and mylord carthago will represent France in the Olympic games 2012 in london. All riders dream of ridding a carthago mylord horse and not just the French riders but also all European and American riders who are fans of mylord Carthago. Finally, our mylord carthago filly for sale in an exceptional horse not only his father's side but also on the side of his mother who belongs to the maternal line of French saddle most winning horse show. The maternal line of our mylord carthago gray filly has released so the Champions Dique international jumping charge as ardent, fiery melody, blueberry Paulois .... We therefore propose to sell our beautiful gray filly that mylord carthago we can deliver to you tomorrow if you wish. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about it.

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for Sale horse filly of mylord carthago to Buy: horses for sale photo and video of mylord carthago filly for sale.

pouliche mylord carthago a vendre

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