myrtille paulois mare selle français
myrtille paulois mare selle français

" De Vie " selle français breeding stud in France : myrtille paulois mare selle français

myrtille paulois mare selle français

myrtille paulois mare selle français


myrtille paulois mare selle français

myrtille paulois is without doubt an exceptional quality Mare who wins international awards show jumping grand prix at top level. myrtille paulois belonged to an owner Irish fan of top-class horses. myrtille paulois began the very high level with a top level also rider: jessica kuerten. After paulois Blueberry was entrusted to French very talented jumper, roger yves bost, like jessica kuerten, won greatly with myrtille paulois. We can say that this Mare to exceptin myrtille paulois is any single work extremely well done from its birth to today where myrtille paulois is a very high-level international Mare. Bilberry ages Paul indeed first is the result of a selection genetic French saddle of great value: his father is the fabulous dollar champion Mulberry of the world by team which also has a genetic French exceptional saddle by his father the Chief of race jalisco b and its native strain of high quality of fast comrade. Maternal strain myrtille paulois French saddle is also exceptional, certainly one of the best all origins French saddle, that of burning livestock that had the famous OLGA led to a number of very impressive international winners of very high level as lord of theze, ardent, graceful melody as a Mare base of ardent. Bilberry ages Paul is not the result of happenstance, it belongs to is that very best maternal genetic saddle French of olga. Bilberry ages Paul brings together has it alone makes the sport horses saddle performance horses very French for the top level cso: myrtille paulois has both the qualities of strength, of blood, equilibrium, of the natural meaning of the bar, courage often found in high-quality French saddle horses. myrtille paulois is a Mare very sensitive but what respect for the bar, what force, what path and what balance: we find in it all the qualities that very often have horses of exceptional quality originates, that of the Mare base Olga's ardent farming stone lepeley in the Department of manche race cradle of French saddle. Horses of this maternal origin known as French saddle Olga very often have these same qualities that make horses out standards for the cso suitability. The breeding of life we have our broodmare kantate which belongs to this same maternal strain exceptional Olga pregnant mylord carthago and including the Colt or filly is already for sale. Do not hesitate to us contact for all information if you're interested.

Video of Roger yves bost and her selle français mare Myrtille Paulois winning the stage helsinki, Finland World Cup after an outstanding dam myrtille paulois and the extra land rider roger yves bost

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Last Sunday in Oslo, eight couples were able to complete the first round on a goalless. A week later, on the track Helsinki, fourteen have qualified for the dam of the Grand Prix World Cup, including Jeroen Dubbeldam and Sergio Alvarez Moya, first and third respectively in Oslo. But also light two: Roger - Yves Bost and Kevin Staut.Avec BMC Utascha SFN, Jeroen Dubbeldam seems to be the man in the form of this start of the indoor season. Surprising in Oslo, the Dutch confirmed in Helsinki by conducting the first test perfects. First to soar therefore to the dam, the jumper gave the tempo by looping a superb dam in 38'98. Would history repeat itself? Would achieve the double as a certain Pius Schwizer last year? When this statement dam, the bars are falling. Martin Fuchs, champion of Europe young rider title, comes out with a Honourable four points with its bounding main 12. Even score for the Swedish Jens Fredricson on Lunatic and the Dutch Henk van de Pol on Warrant. Philipp Weishaupt in the saddle on Catoki and Steve Guerdat Nasa released them with eight points.Despite a fright in the double, Scott Brash young shakes the stopwatch: the British fails at one-tenth of the Dutch on Hello Sanctos in 39'08. It would be Roger-Yves Bost on Castle Forbes Bilberry ages Paul dam to see the stopwatch fall. The day of his birthday, the Francilien realizes a spectacular perfects in 37: 39. In the aftermath, Kevin Staut and Silvana ** HDC show great regularity and finish sixth thanks to a double perfects in 40'74. All eyes then turned to Sergio Alvarez Moya and Carlo 273. The couple swallow one dam barriers but the stopwatch displays finally 37'48. The Spanish must settle for second place. Maikel Van der Vleuten, last to soar, puts an end to the suspense quickly by fall a vertical tower with its early powerful VDL Groep Verdi.Il's first victory on the circuit for Roger-Yves Bost and Castle Forbes Bilberry ages Paul World Cup. The couple scored precious points in the circuit. Appointment is made for Equita'Lyon within 15 days for the third phase of the season World Cup.Classification: 1 Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois - Roger Yves Bost (FRA) 0/0 37.39 2 Carlo 273 - Sergio Alvarez Moya (ESP) 0/0 37.48 3 BMC Utascha SFN - Jeroen Dubbeldam (P-B) 0/0 38.98 4 Hello Sanctos - Scott Brash (GBR) 0/0 39.08 5 Billy Angelo - William Funnell (GBR) 0/0 40.28 6 Silvana HDC - Kevin Staut (FRA) 0/0 40.74 7 VDL Groep Verdi - Maikel van der Vleuten (P-B) 0/4 39.46 8 Lunatic - Jens Fredricson (SUE) 0/4 40.22 9 Cocoshynsky - Emanuele Gaudiano (ITA) 0/4 40.81 10 Warrant - Henk van de Pol (P-B) 0/4 41.87

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