selle francais horse breeders
selle francais horse breeders

de vie breeding farm :selle francais sport horse breeders
The " De Vie " breeding farm

selle francais sport horse breeders


Horse breeding refers to reproduction in horses, and particularly the human-HISTORY: SF horses performing successfully on the international equestrian sports scene are the product of a long selection process that has developed through two major changes during the 20th century. The first change was the result of a decree of 30 january 1914 relating to the term "demi-sang" (half-blood) which was given to the progeny of Thoroughbred stallions and local breeding mares, usually coach or army mares, used for breeding to improve the production of riding horses. Thus, three breeding cradles appeared : • the "demi-sang" (half-blood) of Normandy • the "demi-sang" (half-blood) of Vendée • the "demi-sang" of the Centred Spurred on by the army, successful at equestrian sports at the time with their "demi-sang", selection of SF horses for races over fences and hurdles also developed at the same time. The second change, with the decree of December 1958, grouped the three cradles of "demi-sang" breeding with half-blood Anglo Arab sire lines that were developing in the South-West of France, under the name "Selle francais", definitely placing sports as the aim of selection. Today, the Selle francais, "King of the Ring", is bred all over France thanks to quality and diversified genetics. A third transformation is currently starting, with the creation of the B section of the Selle francais stud book, which allows to integrate all horses descending from at least one Selle francais . The A section stays the central book of the breed. top > MAIN CHARACTERISTICS AND FEATURES: Five key-words govern the Selle francais descritption : ELEGANCE, POWER, BALANCE, CAREFULNESS and CLEVERNESS. Because of the diversity of his origins the Selle francais does not have a real standard conformation. However, used for sports, he is well-built, often tall (1.65m to 1.70m), has a strong frame and a fine set of muscles, nevertheless remaining a horse with blood. His main features are a strong back, strong legs, a long neck, an expressive head and all colours of coat are accepted. The SF is an athlete with both good conformation and intelligence and has a natural ability to learn… top > BREEDING AREAS: Today, the development of the SF breed is now possible all over France and abroad thanks to artificial insemination (now representing 80% of the breeding techniques used). top > POPULATION: SF breeding figures in France (source : les Haras Nationaux) 8836 Selle francais breedings were registered in 2003, ifrom which : • 6129 count 1 mare • 1215 : 2 mares • 779 : between 3 and 5 mares • 246 : more than 5 mares 8297 Selle francais births were registered in 2003, that is to say 30 % of the total warmblood horses, 14341 Selle francais mares have been covered in 2003 (14114 inn 2002 and 13513 in 2001), 13765 mares have been covered in 2003 in order to breed Selle francais (14576 in 2002 and 14098 in 2001), 615 Selle francais stallions were active in 2003 (571 in 2002 and 579 in 2001). top > UTILISATION: EXCELLENCE ON ALL FRONTS From the outset, the Selle francais has proven itself as one of the best horses in the world and French breeders have concentrated on selecting and improving this breed. Results are conclusive world wide. Above all, the Selle francais is a true sport horse and is bred for that purpose. SF selection starts with foals, 2 years old and 3 years old : young SF horses take part in SF breed selection tests in order to qualify for the national SF finals. Sports competition is organised within a circuit adapted to age and level of training with specific young horse classes for 4 , 5 and 6 year olds. Each year, young horse national finals take place in September in Fontainebleau for Show Jumping, in Pompadour for Eventing, in Saumur for Dressage and in Uzès for Long Distance. SF horses have always been among the world's best horses in Jumping and Eventing. In Dressage, their performance and results improve each year. Should also be mentioned the SF top performance in Vaulting, Driving, TREC and Long distance. All of these results come from selection and the SF breeding programme's different orientations. Finally, the SF horse is also a perfect partner for any type of rider, leisure riding in equestrian centres or hacking. top > OUT-OF-THE-ORDINARY GENEALOGY: Selle francais is the heir of a genealogy which is being exported through the entire world : SF horses can be found in all continents nowadays and "Selle francais" genes have fed the greatest stud books : Cor de la Bruyère SF (Rantzau XX) in Holstein, Almé SF (Ibrahim SF) in Zangerscheide, Furioso SF (ex Vertuoso by Furioso XX) in Oldenburg and more recently Quidam de Revel SF (Jalisco B SF) in Denmark, today true European leading sire. Many foreign studbooks have also shown interest in SF bloodlines through the sons and grand sons of reference sires, like Jalisco B SF (Almé SF), Uriel SF (Nankin SF), and Grand Veneur SF (Amour du Bois SF). top > SF RECENT VICTORIES: During the 2002 Jerez World Equestrian Games, the SF stud book was the most represented with 22 horses in Jumping, 8 in Eventing and several representatives in vaulting, dressage and long-distance with both French and foreign riders. These SF performers contributed to not less thant 5 out of 7 medals won by the French teams : • In Show Jumping, Dollar du Murier SF won an Individual Silver Medal and our Jumping Team brought back home a Team Gold Medal thanks to Crocus Graverie SF, Diamant de Semilly SF, Dollar de la Pierre SF (Tlaloc M) and Dollar du Murier SF. • In three-days eventing, Espoir de la Mare SF won an individual Gold Medal and a Team Silver Medal together with other Selle francais : Free Style*ENE HN SF and Fine Merveille SF. • In vaulting, Farceur Breceen*HN SF won an Individual Gold Medal. 2003 drove a medals and titles rain onto the Selle francais from French riding teams: • Galan de Sauvagère SF is individual European Champion in three-days eventing and European Team Vice-Chamion with, among others, Expo du Moulin SF. • Diamant de Semilly SF, Dollar dela Pierre SF (Tlaloc M) et Galet d'Auzay SF are European Team Vice-Champions in show jumping, and won the first edition of the Samsung Super League together with Crocus Graverie SF, Ephebe For Ever SF, Eve des Etisses SF, First de Launay*HN SF, Flipper d'Elle*HN SF and For de la Hardière SF. • In vaulting, Farceur Breceen*HN SF is 2003 European Champion, while Galant du Centaure*HN SF lands the World Champion title in “TREC”. In 2004, the French eventing team obtain the Olympic titl, in Athens thanks to Galant de Sauvagère SF, Espoir de la Mare SF, Expo du Moulin SF and Fine Merveille SF. Still in Athens , the Individual Gold medal in show jumping was won by Baloubet du Rouet SF , competing for Brazil. For the second consecutive year, France won the Samsung Super League with Cigale du Taillis SF, Crocus Graverie SF, Dollar dela Pierre SF (Tlaloc M), Dollar du Mûrier SF, Envoyé Spécial SF, Ephebe For Ever SF, Eve des Etisses SF, First de Launay*HN SF, Flipper d’Elle*HN SF, Flushing SF and Galet d’Auzay SF. Like Baloubet du Rouet SF, world N°1 in 2004, some of the best ambassadors of the SF breed are competing for and proving very successful with foreign riders : Cabri d'Elle SF for United Kingdom, Carnute SF for Denmark, Champion du Lys SF for Germany, Dime de la Cour SF for Italy, Djane des Fontenis SF for Poland, Epsom Gesmeray SF for South Korea, Flèche Rouge SF for Netherlands, Gold du Talus SF and Madame Pompadour SF for Switzerland, Gredo la Davière SF for Greece, Furka du Village SF for Argentina, Caucalis SF for Circa de Blondel SF (El Campeon's Cirka Z) for the USA... Finally, more formerly, finest victories stay present in our memories : Galoubet A SF (1982), I love You SF (1983), Jappeloup SF (1988), Quito de Baussy SF (1990), Sissi de la Lande III SF (1993), Rochet Rouge M SF (1996), Thor des Chaines SF (1998)… 2003 was a great year which brought the French Eventing and Jumping Teams many medals. A title of European Champion with an Individual Gold in Eventing for Galan de Sauvagère SF (Joly Jumper SF out of Douce Julia XX by Julius Caesar XX) and Nicolas Touzaint who are also Team Vice-Champion and Silver with Expo du Moulin SF (Royalme (BE) SF out of Madame Christelle XX by Air de Cour (US) XX). Diamant de Semilly SF (Le Tot de Semilly SF out of Venise des Cresles SF by Elf III SF), Dollar dela Pierre SF (Tlaloc M) (Quidam de Revel SF out of Loripierre SF by Foudre de Guerre SF) and Galet d'Auzay SF (Leprince de Thurin SF out of la Cour d'Auzay SF by Double Espoir SF) were Team Vice-Champion with a Silver in Jumping and winners of the first 2003 edition of the SAMSUNG SUPER LEAGUE with Crocus Graverie SF (Rosire SF out of Quiche Mary SF by Fend l’Air SF), Ephebe for Ever SF (Galoubet A SF out of Geisha N SF by Night and Day XX), Eve des Etisses SF (Quidam de Revel SF out of Vicky des Etisses SF by Pot d'Or XX), First de Launay*HN SF (Laudanum XX out of Jolie de Thurin SF by Quastor SF), Flipper d'Elle*HN SF (Double Espoir SF out of Pavlova des Malais SF by Jalisco B SF) and For de la Hardière SF (Jalisco B SF out of Real Star II SF by Jiloi SF). 2003 was also a victorious year in vaulting with Farceur Breceen*HN SF (Thurin XX out of Une Fleur V SF by Nantoung SF). With Matthias Lang and Marina Dupont-Joosten they are European Champions while Galant du Centaure*HN SF (Persan II SF out of Radieuse des Monts SF by Dare Dare II aa) and Tristan Gracient were the victorious World Champions in TREC. In Eventing, the great Espoir de la Mare SF (What a Joy XX out of Touraine du Fresne SF by Ukase SF) and Jean Teulère achieved both an Individual Gold and a Team Silver at the 2002 World Equestrian Games with two other SF performers, Free Style*ENE HN SF (Hand in Glove XX out of Queen de la Hurie SF by Starter SF) and Fine Merveille SF (Dress Parade XX out of Noce d'Or SF by Pot d'Or XX). Once again, 2002 was a victorious year in vaulting : Farceur Breceen*HN SF, Matthias Lang and Marina Dupont-Joosten were Individual Gold. Furthermore several SF horses are also very competitive with foreign riders : Baloubet du Rouet SF (Galoubet A SF out of Mesange du Rouet SF by Starter SF) for Brazil, Cabri d'Elle SF (Scherif d'Elle SF out of Gazelle d'Elle SF by Uriel SF) for UK, Carnute SF (Obéron du Moulin SF out of Kune SF by Dynamique SF) for Denmark, Champion du Lys SF (Laeken SF out of Karene du Lys SF by Largny XX) for Germany, Flèche Rouge SF (Papillon Rouge SF out of Utopie Rouge II SF by Kissovo SF) for Bulgaria, Gold du Talus SF (Olisco SF out of Origine d'Elle SF by In Chala A SF) for Switzerland, Twist du Valon SF (Narcos II SF out of Gentillesse SF by Starter SF) and Circa de Blondel SF (El Campeon's Cirka Z) (Quidam de Revel SF out of Phedra Ratelière SF by Belphegor IV SF) for the USA. Everybody also remembers the outstanding victories of Galoubet A SF (Almé SF out of Viti TF by Nystag TF), I love You SF (Alme SF out of Elyria SF by Nykio SF), Jappeloup SF (Tyrol II TF out of Venerable XX by Oural XX) individual Olympic Gold, Rochet Rouge M SF (Jalisco B SF out of Flicka's Girl SF by Tyrol XX), Thor des Chaines SF (If de Merze SF out of Elska SF by Ti Frere SF)… Do not hesitate anymore between a beautiful horse and a good sport horse ! Take both and have a Selle francais champion in your stud !

Jean-Christophe BESSON
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