selle français showjumpers auctions sale bordeaux 2013
selle français showjumpers auctions sale bordeaux 2013

" De Vie " selle français breeding stud in France : selle français showjumpers auctions sale bordeaux 2013

selle français showjumpers auctions sale bordeaux 2013

selle français showjumpers auctions sale bordeaux 2013

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selle français showjumpers auctions sale bordeaux 2013

The Federation of breeders of horses and ponies of sport of Aquitaine (FEDECSA) organises as last year the auction of sports during the grand prix horses international jumping of bordeaux on February 9. It must be said that the 1st 2012 edition of these horse cso bordeaux auction sales organized by Jacques Grandchamps des Raux and the FEDECSA had been a great success. Edition 2013 this auction of bordeaux which always takes place at the Equestrian Club of Blanquefort Bordeaux will show once again a very nice selection of young talented horses to the obstacle. The list of horses that will be for sale at this bordeaux auction horse sale is available on the website of the federation of horse and pony sport of Aquitaine:

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Here is the program of elite sport horse auction, held February 9, 2013 in Bordeaux during the international Jumping. This is Sport horses aged three to six years. Sales begin Saturday, February 9 at 9: 30 at the Equestrian Club of Bordeaux Lake, 33290 Blanquefort.C' is Alixan Theillet which will open the ball of the second sales to the auction of sport horses in Bordeaux, with vingte-three horses to the catalog. It is a small horse three years, many will not watch because of its size, convinced that this small size will be a handicap to face the larger course of the world. And yet, it has everything else to lie the greatest experts. It has an excellent 'paper' one hundred per cent French, with an imbreding on Tanagra, the daughter of the famous Thoroughbred Furioso which produces the best horses in the world, including wrestler B, gold medal at the Rome J.O in 1964, and Pomone B, champion of the world in Buenos Aires in 1968! It is manufactured with extremely low hocks, a very long leg, and moves like his ancestor, Jappeloup de Luze, born thirty-five years earlier in the Gironde. Everything can therefore suggest that this small Sorrel gelding to the whimsical character treads out the careers of most prestigious barriers, such as Jappeloup competitions before him! Do not forget that in 1997, the year equine equestrian magazine designated Jappeloup as being the second best horse in jumping since the second world war. He was elected by a vote of thirty-seven experts from around the world.The second, in this ballet of excellent horses, Alvaro Medina, is a male grey Calvaro and a daughter of the Anglo Maury Quercus. It is the native strain of Tot de Semilly (8/10 assigned by the SF studbook). If it does not have the fantasy of his predecessor Alixan of Theillet, it already has the provisions of a very large jumper, with great force, always repeating his jumps and seeking constantly to improve his technique. This is Eric Navet horse!It wasn't until the number thirteen, Victor of Reverdy, to discover this wonderful son of Quidam de Revel, impeccable maternal strain (10/10 assigned by the SF studbook).Even greater than his half-brother, vizier of the Reverdy, class fifth at the final male SF three years in Saint-Lô, in which Victor of the Reverdy was not, preferring to finish its growth to the grass to all saints, is a very beautiful and very good male with a beautiful look! Include also the number ten, Velvote les Aubiers, great Mare that can blow up a cathedral without picking up the Bell Tower, the number eleven, Veronese Massuere, a son of Nervoso, neutered, as easy as it is powerful and fourteen, Vigo de Queyzans, a gelding surprising quality!For three years, two transfers of embryos of the same father and the same mother you will be offered, one belonging to the farrier Lionel Deris - is it not well positioned to choose the horses?, and the other to his breeder. is the number sixteen, Vivaldi'Jac, and number twelve, Victoire 'Jac, Love Love from both' jac, BSO 37 (0.58), ISO 155, third in the Championship of France six years and second in the Championship of France seven years behind Lamm de Fetan!Even if all of the horses that are presented to you have a natural vocation CSO, two are for the EAC, number nine, Vasily Lassos, and number fifteen, Vinecheska Jeclai's. Lassos Vasily is certainly intended for very high-level in EAC, and should get the attention of the best riders of the world of EAC. In addition, is the icing on the cake, the brother Sultan of Paban, ISO 163, uterine and winner of the Championship of France 2012 of the Lady riders!As the performers of five and six years old, it should be noted that five years are completely missing, due to poor quality! Six very good years are available with video, they are essayables until February 3 taking appointments with the Federal GM Jacques 06 63 13 30 00. Catalogue and video on General Friday February 8, 2013 at 17 h. Auction Saturday February 9, 2012 at 9: 30.The Federation of breeders of horses and ponies of sport of Aquitaine (FEDECSA) will again organize an auction of elite sport horses, 9 February 2013 in Bordeaux during the International Jumping. The success of 2012 sales (60% of the sold horses, Viking awarded 38.500 euro Bartlett and torpedo ' Jac sold 44,000 euros), the Board of Directors of the FEDECSA decided as of October 29, 2012, renew a second sale of elite sports horses auctions which will take place in Bordeaux on Saturday, 9 February 2013, during the International Jumping of Bordeaux. This sale, open three to six French sport horse years, selle français

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