show jumping horses for sale
show jumping horses for sale

The " De Vie " breeding stud farm : showjumpers for sale show jumping horses for sale

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The very best bloodstock of selle français horses for show jumping


On our high genetic quality selle français horses breeding farm


showjumpers for sale show jumping horses for sale

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Small Selle Français sport horses breeding farm in France, Normandy in the little country village of " Geffosses " near the Mont Saint Michel and Saint lo. Our small Selle Français sport horses breeding farm is based on a selection of brood mares which really belong to the very best Selle Français families by the very large and impressive number of winners in horse show, show jumping at top international level. Indeed, all our foals, fillies, colts, yearlings are borned from our brood mares which belong to the richest lines of selle français mother lines for show jumping. Our brood mares of our "de vie " breeding farm have this peculiarity very rare to produce regularly since generations the winners at very high level of Grand Prix, csi and csiw. we have selected the very best mother lines of selle français for generations .So, you concentrated in the same place the maternal families of itot du chateau, myrtille paulois ,first de launay, mylord carthago, gracieux ardent, of melodie ardente.... Every members of the French team of show jumping. So, if you really wish what is made of better as selle français sporting horses, you arrived at the good place ! Other important peculiarities of our selle français sport horses breeding farm : in addition of the very high quality of its genetics, our high quality of reception and our high quality of horses breeding. Indeed our reception is one truth trademark !: every person is welcomed with the smile and in a warm and friendly atmosphere : contrary to the big stud farms where the reception is often icy, you are not considered as a simple wallet "to be plucked" at all costs but as a real lover of horses who looks for his dream horse with the respect for the budget which he has. At the devie breeding farm we do not try to sell you a horse to any prices. If we have no horse which can fit you then we will say it to you openly for your good as for the good of the horse that we would have been able "to impose" you. At our selle français sport horses breeding farm the proposed prices are not prices " in the head "of the customer but prices that are fully transparent. Other peculiarity of our " de vie " breeding farm : his breeding technique : in fact, at our stud, our sporting horses are brought up according to the principles of the old normandy breeders who have " built " the best horses of show jumping of the planet: daily care (= love every day), brought up to the open air all year long in vast grasslands with thick hedges to protect from the wind, contact with the breeder every day, quality of food: hay at will , ration of oat mixed with some flattened barley. This type of horses breeding is not practised by the big breedings and the stud farm where horses are piled up as of the cattle in stallings in concrete. These big structures are breeding of industrial type that has nothing to do with a home-made horses breeding. The very best horses always come from home-made breeders where horses are really loved for themselfs. Our selle français horses are brought up " to the hand " and very " quiet in the head ". Come to see our horses by yourself at our little breeding farm ! Do not hesitate to contact us ! Our " de vie " breeding farm is specialized in the sales of selle français horses of top quality for sports for more than 20 years now. Our horses are to be sold at any ages: sale of horses foal, yearling, filly, colt, brood mare,sale of horses 1 year,sale of horses 2 years, sale of horses 3 years, sale of horses of 4 years.... Our Horses are visible on the web site of our stud farm : Photos of horses foals, photo of horses brood mare, but also videos of horses colts and fillies. You can also see the announcements of horses to be directly sold on the site of the stud farm.

Jean-Christophe BESSON
Le bourg 
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