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The " De Vie " breeding farm



ANSF: SF Breeders Society The SF Breeders Society, ANSF, is officially approved since 8 July 2003 by the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fishery and Rural Affairs. This Society is the representative body of the Selle Français breed for the French horse industry and the public. The SF Breeders Society is a non-profit organization subject to the Law of 1 July 1901. > OBJECTIVES: Running and ensuring orientation, selection, and improvement of genetics of Selle Français Equidae. Gathering breeders, and all individual persons or legal entities involved in the selection and promotion of the Selle Français breed. top > MISSIONS: • Defining within the Selle Français Stud Book commission, the SF breed's characteristics, orientations and objectives of selection. • Defining within the Selle Français Stud Book commission, its programme of genetics improvement of the SF breed (creation and diffusion of genetics progress) and of its evolution. • Establishing within the Selle Français Stud Book commission, the marking system for SF breeding horses and being responsible for implementing it. • Defining within the Selle Français Stud Book commission, the rules for the keeping of the Genealogical Book by the National Stud Department. • Taking part in the processing and diffusion of data on Selle Français horses; establishing within the Selle Français Stud Book commission the rules of management and utilisation of specific and available information on the SF breed. • Publishing all information and results in relation with genetics improvement of the Selle Français breed. • Elaborating within the Selle Français Stud Book commission, the system to collect data on horses for the purpose of genetics improvement in relation with SF breeding objectives and programme ; training and naming the persons entitled to collect such information that will be used for the SF breeds data base. • Promoting the SF breed, its selection objectives, programme and genetics. • Organising directly or taking part in the organization of shows and events likely to contribute to the development of the SF breed. • Defending the general interests of the SF breed and specifically by taking part in events in which the SF breed is involved and representing its breeders. • Making its know how and knowledge available to SF Breeders Society members by providing services in order to reach its objectives in terms of selection and • Taking all necessary measures that contribute in the improvement and in the promotion of the SF breed. top > ORGANIZATION: • Presentation of ANSF Colleges In 2003, with a new organization the SF Breeders Society wishes to gather all of the participants of the Selle Français industry in order to both reinforce its action in favour of the SF breed and its economical competitiveness. The new colleges that make the SF Breeders Society, ANSF, are all means of action and of active representation to work on selection, production, valorisation, promotion and commercialisation of a quality sport horse suitable for all of the needs of modern horse riding. For further details or inquiries, the ANSF team is at your disposal, feel free t Horse Breeders Sellers French Saddle Horse

Jean-Christophe BESSON
Le bourg 
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