foal for sale by diamant de semilly
foal for sale by diamant de semilly

" de vie " breeding farm : Foal for sale of DIAMANT DE SEMILLY to born in spring 2014

foal for sale by diamant de semilly

Foal for sale of DIAMANT DE SEMILLY to born in spring 2014

Father / Stallion : DIAMANT DE SEMILLY

Dam / Mare : Telline du fraigneau by Hermes d'authieux and D'ifrane chalusse by Galoubet A

The " de vie " breeding farm offers you for sale a foal to born in spring 2014 by the very famous worldwide and n°1 top stallion in France, Diamant de semilly. In addition Diamant de Semilly is world champion 2002.The foals of Diamant de semilly are very popular. Indeed, we watch all the week ends on television showjumpers horses from Diamant de semilly winning on all the courses of showjumping the most difficult in the world. Diamant de semilly, bay stallion is a real " top model " horse !.He is the very best french selle français stallion at the moment for showjumping. This foal to born, besides having as father who is a real " world Star " of the stallions of international showjumping, has a mother who belongs to the maternal bloodline of selle français the most winning for showjumping : the maternal IFRANE / CHALUSSE family which produced among others the top horses: Mylord Carthago, Nifrane de kreisker, Lord if de chalusse, Morgat, A big boy, Fragance de chalusse, Norton d'éole, Triumphe de muze,Ego van orti... This foal will begin really very well in life ! what is made of better by his father Diamant de semilly and also what is made of better by his maternal line!! Do not hesitate to contact us for all the informations that you wish to have about this foal to come of Diamant de semilly that we offer for sale.

vente de pouliche Diamant de semilly vente de poulain Diamant de semilly vente de pouliche poulain Diamant de semilly

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Diamant de semilly
Le tot de semilly
Grand Veneur
Amour du bois
Tanagra G
Venue du tot
Venise des cresles
Miss des Cresles
Hermes d'authieux
Night and Day
Emir IV
D'ifrane chalusse
Galoubet A
Chateau du diable

The origin of this foal to born in spring 2014 is really exceptional for showjumping at the same time by his father but also by his mother. His father Diamant de semilly is one of very best stallion in the world for showjumping at the moment and the selle français maternal bloodline Ifrane / Chalusse of the foal is also one of the very best in France for the showjumping. His grand mother D'ifrane chalusse was a mare of International Grand Prix, one of the best mares of jumping of the very famous "Galoubet A". Her back mother is directly the extremely worldwide famous IFRANE selle français " base mare " at the origin of a tremendous number of winners at top level. From this fabulous maternal line IFRANE were born many many winners at very high level as in the World cup, in world championships, in olympics, Global Champions tour...


Filly for sale by Diamant de semilly Filly for sale by Diamant de semilly

Every one knows his father Diamant de semilly ! Diamant de semilly is at present the number 1 selle français stallion for show jumping. Diamant de semilly was also a world champion 2002 of showjumping with his rider eric levallois. Diamant de semilly has lot of his suns and daughters winning in nations cups, world cups and on the global champions tour. Diamant de semilly has at the same time an outstanding strength and a strong handiness which makes of him the best selle français stallion. The foals of Diamant de semilly are very rare and looked for.

Video of the great DIAMANT DE SEMILLY


Foal for sale by Diamant de semilly Foal for sale by Diamant de semilly

Our broodmare, Telline du Fraigneau is " pure origin " ifrane/chalusse , she is a real "nugget", a real "heritage",a real genetic "investment" to her alone ! Indeed Telline du Fraigneau belongs to the very best mothers origin in France at the moment for the show jumping (whom the best current representatives are the very known Mylord Carthago and A big boy. The 2 of them are very "big" international winners on all the equestrian grounds of the world ). Telline du Fraigneau also arises from this vary famous Ifrane , mother of "Morgat", bronze medal in Olympics of Seoul and at the very beginning of an incalculable number of international winners. It would be very too long to quote here all the winners and their performances ! This very famous " ifrane " is directly the grandmother of " Telline du Fraigneau " : It is today impossible to have Ifrane so close in the pedigree of a foal ! The mother of Telline du fraigneau, Ifrane Chalusse by the Galoubet A, was a very "big" winner in "Grand Prix" with a top sport index of 169 (she was one of the very best horse of galoubet A). D'Ifrane Chalusse is also the uterine sister of Nifrane ( with also a better sport index than Nifrane) who is at the origin of recognized stallions as Mylord Carthago, Norton d'eole, Triumphe de muze and broodmares quoted as Jolly Girl Kervec. The origin Ifrane is also the one of the top stallion "a big boy" quite recently acquired by the Brazilian rider Doda to win the next olympics games. Hermes d'authieux is the father of Telline du fraigneau. Hermes d'Authieux is the best Anglo Arab stallion at the moment. So good stallion,that the holsteiner stud Book rented his career during 2 years. He was the best father of the 6 years old young horses at the french finals in 2008 an 2009. To have a foal of our mare Telline du Fraigneau ,is to have in the stables the ultimate of her maternal Selle français genetics for show jumping !

To read the article of the magazine " l'éperon magazine " about the family IFRANE / CHALUSSE, Click on the following pages one by one :


Telline du fraigneau comes from the such famous maternal family of IFRANE / CHALUSSE which has produced many international winners as the extraordinary Mylord Carthago with the top french rider Penepole Leprevost. Our broodmare Telline belongs to the same maternal family as Mylord Carthago because Telline and Mylord Carthago have the same direct maternal grandmother: the very famous IFRANE that produced an exceptional number of top winners worldwide.



Video of the top stallion MYLORD CARTHAGO who belongs to the same worlwide famous selle français mother bloodline IFRANE than the foal we offer for sale




Video of the incredible showjumping horse "Morgat" medals in world championships and olympics games who belongs to the same selle français maternal bloodline "IFRANE" as the foal we offer for sale. Very famous worldwide bloodline IFRANE to build international champions.


Video of Ego van Orti and his amazing strenght ! One of the very best showjumping horse in yhe world riden by Edwina Alexander Tops. EGO VAN ORTI belongs to the same selle français maternal bloodline "IFRANE" worldwile famous as our foal we proudly offer for sale.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish informations about this foal to born in spring 2014 of Diamant de semilly. We'll answer to you with great pleasure and very very quickly.Our address and phone number are as following :

Jean-Christophe BESSON
Le bourg 
tél : +33 portable : +33

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